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रैलियन आंदोलन

Let's Welcome the Extra-terrestrials

This book acts as a great follow-up or sequel to Raël's book The Message given by Extra-Terrestrials, providing expanded answers and explanations to questions that most readers will have after reading the messages of the Elohim in "The Message given by Extra-Terrestrials." The first seventy-five pages of Let's Welcome the Extra-Terrestrials are in a question and answer format, containing the questions most often asked by journalists during radio and television interviews in which Raël has participated around the globe. His replies to these questions are most illuminating and cover subjects like — the future of traditional religions, God or no God, soul or no soul, scientific resurrection, suicide, homosexuality, sexual freedom and socially-imposed guilt, the nature of death, the nature of pleasure, the structure of Infinity, the purpose of life, the cycle of life creation in the universe, the political, economic, and social system of Geniocracy, and the Genetic Code. The next part of the book details revelations given to Raël by the Elohim during his privileged visit to their planet in 1976, three years after his initial set of encounters in 1973. He was told to keep these revelations to himself until 1979, and they are published here for the first time. The third section of "Lets Welcome Our Fathers From Space" is an essay by Raël in which he etymologically demystifies the nature of religion and spiritualizes the concept of "atheism" (as in Buddhism, Taoism, and Vedantic Hinduism). He also discusses at length the importance of fidelity to one's innate reason and conscience, and the moral importance of taking responsibility for one's thoughts and actions against the mechanistic onslaught of hierarchical control coming down from governments, militaries, religions, corporations, and society in general. One should not "follow orders." One should follow one's reason and conscience. The last part of the book contains scientific commentaries and testimonials from psychologists, scientists, political science scholars, priests, and religious scholars. If you want a fuller understanding of the Elohim's messages to mankind, then this book is a must-read. This book follows on from The Message Given by Extra-Terrestrials, please read that book first before this one.
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